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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Here is a bit more information about the Queen City Classic:

It will be held on March 10, Saturday, at Paycor Stadium, One Paul Brown Stadium. The registration time is 7 am to 8 am. Our team name is the West Louisville Chess Club and the coach is obviously Coach Corbin.

Coach Corbin prefers registering folk to make sure everyone is placed in the right section. If Coach does it please send him the player's name, date of birth, physical address, Grade, school, and USCF number. Now if you do not have a USCF number, please tell Coach immediately. He will get you one (the cost is 20 dollars).

At the Queen City Classic clocks will be used and you will be expected to record. The time control is G/25 with a five second delay.

All players do five rounds. You have to score a minimum of 3.5 points out of five to be in the running for a place trophy.

The West Louisville Chess Club has won a total of 3 team trophies at this regional tournament. We won a first place team trophy in 2019.

Our goal for this year's tournament is taking 25 players and winning 3 team trophies. TEAM...together everyone achieves more! Working together we can meet those goals!

How do you define TEAM? Together Everyone Achieves More....Let Coach Corbin know if you want to join our team- The West Louisville Chess Club at the Queen City Classic.

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