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Moving Towards Greatness!

The West Louisville Chess Club has been amazingly busy in June and July. And it is almost certain we will continue to be so going into August and beyond!!

We are doing an Urban Chess Coach certification program on July 26, Shawnee Branch Library, 3912 West Broadway, 4 to 6 pm. At this workshop Coach Corbin will be training folk interested in teaching young people (K/5) chess.

The qualifications for becoming a certified URBAN CHESS COACH include....

1) They must become (and stay) a member of the United States Chess Federation, and

2) They must reach a minimum national ranking of 600 and

3) Engage in a total of 4 teaching hours observed and evaluated by Coach Corbin and finally,

4) Finish a two hour training workshop conducted by Coach Corbin.

Once that is completed a person receives an Urban Chess Coach certification and therefore earn the opportunity to do paid teaching assignments. The pay is based on the assignment, experience and evaluations.

Coach Corbin's dream is having a chess program at every single Title One elementary school in Jefferson County. There are roughly 60 Title One elementary schools in Louisville, Kentucky.

Towards that end it will be absolutely critical to keep recruit, train, equip, and mento urban chess coaches. That is it. And that is exactly what Coach Corbin is committed to doing through the Kentucky Chess Ambassadors. He has had some success in the past. This year however he has consciously ramped up his effort to recruit, train, equip and mentor urban chess coaches. This is what the July 26 workshop represents.

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