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Louisville Legends Bughouse Tournament!

Our next tournament will be a "bughouse" tournament held at Launch Louisville, 816 East Broadway, September 3,Saturday, 1045 am registration time. The entry fee is 8 dollars per team (obviously a team constitutes two people, any two people, any age, sex or school affiliation).

You register as a team (2) and you win or lose as a team. At the tournament each team has the opportunity to win a team trophy. Four team trophies will be awarded.

Affordable snacks will be at this tournament so bring cash (one's, quarters and five's) but we will be serving free pizza on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.

This tournament is a fundraiser for our all girls chess team. We need to raise money for shirts and all.

Bring your own clock if you wish. It will be a G/5 bughouse tournament.

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