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Every Where, Every School, A Chess Club!

This is the slogan on our latest shirt. This shirt till September 2023 sells for 19.00. Please show your support for seeing chess clubs placed in schools throughout Louisville and other parts of Kentucky.

Please show your support for the Kentucky Chess Ambassadors (KCA) doing our part in helping establish chess clubs in schools, including and particularly Title One schools. Get your shirt Coach Corbin to learn how.

Our three-day Beginner's Chess Camp starts June 26, at Israel Missionary Baptist Church, 1509 Magazine street, 4 to 6 pm. Dinner provided. Bring your own drink.

This is going to be an excellent camp! Some of my best chess students will be on hand to give beginning players one on one mentoring. Each day students can earn Chess Dollars....when a player earns and redeems fifteen Chess Dollars, they receive a five dollar gift card.

July 15, Saturday, at the Shawnee Branch Library, we are doing the Shawnee Neighborhood Chess Classic. No entry fee! The registration time is 11 am. The first round starts at 11:15 am. Come compete with the best for prizes! All skill levels are welcome!! Need more info? Contact Coach Corbin at

Does your son or daughter attend a Title One school? If so, does that school have a chess club/team? If not, are you interested in seeing the school start one?

Here is what you both the Principal of the school and the Family Resource Center. Then urge them to contact me....Coach Corbin at about starting a chess club/team at the school.

Our program, the Kentucky Chess Ambassadors often can place a coach, tournament sets and training materials at the school. We do more than have our coaches show up with equipment, we do everything possible to PROVIDE EACH SCHOOL with tournaments and some times chess clocks.

Doesn't that make sense? It is like a school saying, "We have a basketball team but we don't have uniforms and basketballs." When our program starts a chess program at your school, we immediately work at getting YOUR SCHOOL, YOUR PROGRAM tournament sets and other equipment. It only makes sense.

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